Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Answering Fan Mail

So I got a PM from someone I won't be naming whose read some of my essays, was intrigued by some of my points, and decided to contact me regarding elaboration on some of them.  Here's the content of the private message, in its entirety.

Assholes like you make me sick!  You MRAs are misogynists and rape apologists and want to put women back in chains where they were before feminism!  You talk about how feminism is harmful to men but you can't produce one scrap of evidence!
Pieces of shit like you should burn in HELL!

Thanks for your question!  Always good to hear from the fans!  Now, in response, let me just say that yes, I can produce evidence that feminism actively seeks to harm men.

How about some actual acts of violence?

For example, there was the time a group of feminists violently protested against Warren Farrell when he spoke in Toronto:

Or when a mob of pro-abortion feminists physically and sexually assaulted a group of men who were peacefully protesting by holding what was basically a public prayer meeting?

Or when a group of feminists angrily disrupted a forum whose purpose was to discuss relief for battered men:

Or how about some political actions?

How about the time several organized feminist groups fought against legal measures in Great Britain that would offer protection against false rape allegations.  The men in question want this protection because they feel that their lives should not be ruined simply on the allegations of a woman who may be a vindictive liar.  Currently in Great Britain (and in the United States, for that matter), a woman can accuse a man of rape for absolutely no reason at all and that man's name and picture is splashed all over the media and his life is ruined even when he's exonerated.  That's right... men campaigned for protection against having their lives publicly ruined because of a false accusation, and feminists fought against it.

Oh hey, how about that time a campaign to put an end to the justice system favoring women simply because they are female, and giving harsher sentences to men simply because they are men, was opposed by feminist groups who argued that no woman should ever be sent to jail, even when she's murdered multiple people.

A campaign to give male victims of domestic violence equal treatment to female victims (and to put an end to gender-specific mandatory arrest laws that put male victims in jail) was opposed by feminists.  In addition, feminists attempted to suppress research that showed that one-half of all domestic violence was committed by women by issuing bomb threats and death threats against the researchers.  These terror tactics were largely successful:  even in today's society, men who are violent against women are rightfully convicted and sent to prison, while women who are violent toward men are rarely even arrested much less tried for their crimes.

In addition, feminist lobbying groups were able to rewrite the official definition of the word "rape" in many jurisdictions to a point that it simply cannot be applied to a woman forcing a man to penetrate her.

In one specific case, a representative from the Michigan chapter of the National Organization for Women testified in opposition to the Revocation of Paternity Act.  As the law stands, if a woman was married and cheated on her husband and as a result had a baby whose father was not her husband, the baby would be legally considered the husband's child even though he was not genetically related to that child.  The Revocation of Paternity Act would allow the husband to say "Nope, not my kid" and thus release himself from responsibility for someone else's child in cases of divorce.

Her primary reason for opposing this piece of legislation, in her own words, was that the Revocation of Paternity Act would, quote unquote "take away women's rights by treating women in the exact same manner that men were usually treated."

Those were her exact words. 

Now, I've heard it argued that these actions are "don't really reflect what feminism is all about" and are the actions of "fringe extremists in the feminist movement."  But if that's the case, I have to ask, can you name one time an individual who self-identified as a feminist, or a group of said individuals, act or speak out about one of the issues I mentioned above, or any other important social, medical, or political issue that either solely or mostly affects men?

Neither have I.

It is reasonable to conclude from these facts that feminism actively seeks to harm men. 

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