Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A Message to Vegetarians and Vegans

This is something that's been bubbling to the surface for a while.

If you choose to be vegan or vegetarian, I will totally, one hundred percent, support you.

If you want to tell people about how healthy you feel since you went vegan or vegetarian, great!  Share your experiences and tell people all about your dietary choices if you want. That’s totally cool and I think it’s great for people to get their opinions heard.

But please, for the love of scientific integrity, DO!  NOT!  LIE!  TO!  PEOPLE!

I am so sick and tired of hearing vegan/vegetarian scare tactics and blatant misinformation.

The human body can digest meat and we are perfectly adapted to do so!

Eating meat was a crucial part in evolving the large brains we have today!  It was the intake of animal fat and protein that gave us the nutrients we needed to evolve our larger brains.  It’s what separated our ancestors from the other great apes.

"But the human digestive tract is nothing like that of other carnivores! We more closely resemble herbivores! Clearly we were meant to eat veggies, not meat!"

Human beings are OMNIVORES.  We evolved to eat both meat and plant matter. Early humans were not picky in this regard. They hunted animals, they gathered whatever vegetables, tubers, nuts, and berries were available. If they could keep it down, they probably ate it.

And during the winter months, when vegetation was scarce, our ancestors relied almost exclusively on animals for sustenance.

Our digestive system is the reason you don’t have to keep throwing up your food and re-eating it all day, or keep constantly grazing, just to get through the day like herbivores do.  You can skip a meal or two if you have to, and if you ate a particularly filling and nutrient-dense meal beforehand, you’ll be perfectly okay with this!  This is the carnivore part of your digestive system at work.

If you want to be vegan or vegetarian for moral reasons, more power to you. I think it’s admirable for you to take up the cause, and I agree that our food industry is despicable and needs a major overhaul.

If you want to be vegan or vegetarian because of your objection to society’s reliance on unhealthy foods, good for you! It’s difficult to stick to a non-traditional diet with the way we’re constantly bombarded with all sorts of unhealthy foods everyday. It’s admirable of you to take the extra effort for your health.

But for crying out loud, stop lying to people about our biological make-up. You’re only undermining your own points and pissing off potential meat-eating allies (such as myself!) in your fight for cruelty-free farming and/or healthier food options!

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